National Capital Chapter

2023 Board of Directors Commitment Agreement


2023 Board Commitment Agreement

This statement of individual board member and officer responsibilities clarifies expectations and provides criteria by which each board member knows what is expected during their tenure on the Board. At the beginning of each year, each elected member is expected to read and sign the document, as an expectation that they will uphold their responsibilities and expectations.


As a member of the Board of Directors or as an Officer of the Public Relations Society of America, National Capital Chapter (PRSA NCC), I recognize that our continued success depends on the personal commitment and active involvement of a select group of elected individuals who embrace the privilege to serve and the responsibility to lead the Chapter.


PRSA NCC Board members have collective board responsibilities and are entrusted with individual responsibilities as part of their board membership. The obligations of board service extend beyond the basic expectations of attending meetings and procurement of additional revenue (e.g., new members, supporting events). Outlined below are the expectations and responsibilities of the PRSA NCC Board of Directors.


My Role:

An active and engaged Board is vital to the Chapter’s success. By signing this agreement, I commit myself to:

       Know the organization’s mission, strategic plan, goals, policies, and needs.

       Understand the Board’s primary responsibility is financial oversight.

       Be familiar with the bylaws that govern the chapter and its relationship with PRSA National.

       Missing no more than three board meetings per year or risk removal.

       Actively participate in Board meetings and undertake assignments and tasks in a timely manner.

       Respond within two business days to all Board-related communications requiring my action.

       Serve as a participating member of at least one committee.

       Call to the attention of the Chapter’s president and/or Officers issues of potential significance to the Chapter.

       Serve as a Chapter ambassador with members and potential members, and engage in mentorship and leadership opportunities, such as participating in new membership activities.

       Support Chapter events through active involvement and participation.

o   I am expected to attend at least three PRSA NCC programs and events annually and actively encourage support and attendance by colleagues as well.

o   I will make every attempt to attend the chapter-wide membership-related events (i.e. networking receptions, happy hours).

       Take full responsibility for any event(s) I commit to organizing, and ensure that any such events adhere to the Chapter’s event planning procedures.


Fiduciary Responsibilities:

Together with my fellow Board members, I am responsible for the fiscal oversight of PRSA-NCC. I will know what our budget is and take an active part in reviewing and approving the budget and monitoring our performance against that budget. I will understand all elements of the Chapter’s fiscal health including:

       Faithfully read and understand the organization’s financial statements and otherwise help the board fulfill its fiduciary responsibility.

       Ensure that no volunteers commit the Chapter to any financial obligations; only the Treasurer/President —in mutual agreement— are authorized to do so following approval from the Board of Directors.


Avoiding Conflicts:

My first obligation is to avoid any preconception that I “represent” anything but the organization’s best interests and will do my utmost to avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest that might embarrass the Board or the organization, and disclose any possible conflicts to the board in a timely fashion.


I will uphold the highest ethical standards as outlined by the PRSA National Code of Ethics.


I will not receive any financial compensation for any of my efforts associated with my chapter work during my board tenure.


The Role of Ambassador for PRSA-NCC:

As a Board member, I am an official ambassador for the organization, and will strive to represent PRSA NCC in the best possible ways. I will not offer myself as an official spokesperson for the organization without proper authority from the president.


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