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A Marketer’s Role During COVID-19

By SRB Communications

Washington, D.C. While healthcare staff and other essential workers focus on the health and security of citizens, it is the responsibility of marketers to help people cope with our “new normal”. This not only benefits society but positions your company as a community partner and brand that customers can rely on during times of crisis. Here are four things you can do to manage your marketing strategy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Determine Your Company’s Position in a Pandemic

A crisis of this magnitude can easily overshadow your marketing efforts, so you’ll have to determine if it’s fiscally and socially responsible to continue your campaigns. In some cases, you can pivot the campaign to address the crisis and provide content that is beneficial and relevant to your customers. As a rule of thumb, you should determine how your business is uniquely positioned to speak to the pandemic and how you can show up for your customers in the time of crisis. From there, you can make a better judgement on if you should stay silent or shift your messaging and content offerings.

Revise Your Content Calendar

If you do continue your marketing campaigns, you must review all scheduled content to determine if it aligns with community health messaging. The words and images you use deliver a message to the people who consume it. When designing creative, avoid using pictures with people interacting closely with one another or using language that could be taken as tone-deaf during this time. Ultimately, follow the strategy that fits your company and consumer’s needs best. Reevaluate your creative content and know that the best strategy won’t be selling your products at this time, but rather showing how your company can help customers overall. 

Photo by Jordan Hopkins on Unsplash

Market Your Beliefs and Values

Now more than ever, is the time to use cause marketing. Cause marketing is about developing and strengthening your relationship with consumers by connecting with them on the issues that matter the most. It showcases your company values and can help companies build credibility and trust among customers by keeping them abreast of the efforts you are doing to help end the crisis.

Build Deeper Connections Through Human Stories

Everyone loves a relatable story that they can get behind. Let the story be yours. Deliver human- driven stories that provide a way for people to connect while quarantined. Sharing employee stories portrays your company as more than just a faceless entity, it’s a collection of real people. Show your audience how your team has stayed positive while social distancing. Also, user- generated content can be an engaging way to connect with customers.

Photo by Amanda Jones on Unsplash

The one thing we know for sure is that during these uncertain times, we must all adapt and help one another. Once this pandemic is over, the effects of it will be felt by everyone for a long time. Marketers have a tough path ahead of them. Let’s rise to the challenge.


Submitted by SRB Communications, a multicultural marketing agency in Washington, DC celebrating 30 years in business