National Capital Chapter

A message from PRSA NCC’s 2023 President

Dear NCC Members and Colleagues,

In these trying times, our hearts are heavy with the recent news from Israel and Gaza. This region, which has endured pro longed conflicts for generations, witnessed a heart-wrenching surge of violence over the weekend. The repercussions of these events have deeply affected the Jewish community globally.

I sincerely empathize with our Jewish friends and colleagues who are currently navigating a storm of emotions – fear, anger, and  sorrow. Their hearts are heavy with concern for their loved ones in Israel, and they are further weighed down by the rising wave of antisemitism around the world.

As communicators, we are in a privileged position to extend our support to the Jewish community. Our voice, our skills, and our platforms can be instrumental in amplifying awareness about the situation in Israel, challenging anti-Semitism, and fostering peace and mutual respect.

Here’s how you can make a difference:

  • Reach out to your Jewish friends and colleagues. A simple message of support or a listening ear can mean the world to them during these times.
  • Take the time to educate yourself about the current events in Israel and the history of antisemitism. Knowledge is power, and there are numerous resources available to guide you.
  • Use your social media platforms to share accurate information about the situation in Israel and to stand against antisemitism. Encourage your network to be informed and to raise their voices against prejudice.
  • Donate to or support organizations dedicated to countering antisemitism and promoting peace and understanding, both locally and in Israel.

Through our collective actions, we can provide more than just words. We can be a beacon of hope for the victims, our community, and countless others affected by this heart-rending conflict.


Leah Dergachev, MBA

PRSA NCC Chapter President