National Capital Chapter

Candidates Announced for 2020 Chapter Officers, Board and Assembly

2020 Slate

Lauren Lawson-Zilai

Vice-President (two-year term)
Sinetra Bowdry
Leah McConnell Dergachev

Vice-President (one-year term)
Karen Naumann, APR

Maureen Heydt

Meredith Williams

Board Member (two-year term)
Karen Addis, APR
Matt Howland
Eric Winkfield

Board Member (one-year term)
Jason Booms
Allie Erenbaum
Joan Hurwitz, APR
Brendon Miller, APR
Ben Wills

Assembly Delegate (three-year term)
John Cole
Michelle Hudgins, APR
Robyn Rudish-Laning
Carol Wilkerson

(Note: Lisa Kiefer, the current President-elect, will automatically become chapter president in January 2020.)