National Capital Chapter

February 2019 President’s Message by Stacy Hope

Dear Colleagues,

At this month’s board meeting, our new membership chair (and 2018 Dark Horse Award winner) Kristin Gregory presented our 2019 strategy for membership recruitment and retention.

Many of you will recall that last fall we conducted a member survey to determine what you, our membership, felt PRSA-NCC was doing right, and to identify areas where we could improve our value. We were excited to hear that the majority of you feel that your chapter membership provides a good return on your investment, and that most of you plan to renew your membership when the time comes.

We understand that networking is what primarily attracts you to our programs and events, and will be looking for ways to increase opportunities to help you develop mutually beneficial relationships with your fellow PRSA-NCC members. We also know that money can be tight, and that many of you pay for events out-of-pocket. Throughout the year, we’ll continue to ensure that our programming provides the best possible value for the money, and also plan to offer more low-cost to no-cost opportunities for our members.

You will soon be able to find more information about the survey on our website, so stay tuned. I encourage you to take a look and let me, along with your other board members and committee chairs, know what you love about PRSA-NCC, as well as how you think we can improve. If you have great ideas, please bring them to our attention. We always welcome new opportunities to make your membership experience the best it can be.

Let’s talk in person soon!

Stacy Hope
PRSA-NCC President