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PRSA NCC Blog Guidelines
PRSA NCC welcomes blog submissions from members and other contributors who are interested in providing content that can be useful for public relations practitioners. Submissions are vetted by the NCC blog editors who will make changes when necessary for readability and formatting. Below are blog submission guidelines.
Helpful Tips and Best Practices

  • Length should be between 500-800 words
  • Submission should include subheads and paragraph breaks (if appropriate) to avoid the appearance of a “wall” of text
  • Author should use a conversational tone and show personality in writing
  • Post should include links to the chapter website and other websites if appropriate
  • Author should submit images when possible along with caption and permission information
  • Mentions of a company/website within a post and/or in the author byline are allowed, but posts cannot overtly promote a product or business (only sponsor organizations are promoted to members)
  • While the posts are the opinion of the author, submissions that demean individuals, companies, professions or businesses will not be accepted. The purpose of the blog is both to advance the profession and provoke intelligent discussion among peers.

Submission Process

  • Author sends Word document and images to jill [at]
  • Word document should include:
    • Author name and title
    • Blog Post title
    • Blog Post
    • Links if applicable
  • Image should be accompanied by caption and permission information
  • The post will be scheduled and the author notified upon publication


  • The post is included on the PRSA NCC home page
  • Once the blog post is published, PRSA NCC will post to chapter social media channels
  • Post contributors and chapter members are encouraged to share posts on their social channels

If you have any comments or questions, please contact Jill Kurtz at

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