National Capital Chapter

How to use MyPRSA as a Chapter Networking Database

I. How to search for other PRSA members on MyPRSA
1. Login to your MyPRSA account.
2. Under the Members Only tab, click on Member Directory

3. You will see nine different search fields. To find a directory of members in your chapter, select your chapter by dropping down the fields in the Chapter box. Then click Submit.

4. Optional: Add additional search fields if you want to narrow down your search.


II. How to update your MyPRSA contact info

1. Under the Account tab, click My Account.

2. Then, click the Contact Info tab. Here, you can update your title, phone number, email, and address. This ensures other members are able to reach out to you!

III. How to update your MyPRSA profile
1. Under the Account tab, click on My Community Profile.

2. Once on your profile, you can add a profile picture, personal social links, a bio, education, job history, professional association, and honors and awards (pro tip: just copy/paste your bio from LinkedIn). This helps members find PRSA colleagues with experience in fields or at companies they are looking to network with!

One of the many benefits of being a PRSA member is having a vast network to tap into. We hope you find this tool helpful as you grow your professional network!