National Capital Chapter

PRSA NCC Commitment to Action and Accountability

The PRSA National Capital Chapter (PRSA NCC) is dismayed by the recent killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and others, and the longstanding, deplorable racism, bias and discrimination that these latest tragedies underscore for the Black community.

While it is imperative to acknowledge these injustices and stand united against them, feelings and words alone are just not enough. The systemic racism that exists in our country clearly cannot be mended by a thoughtful letter. So today, in this message, you will not see verbosity, and you will not be pointed elsewhere (though our Diversity and Inclusion officers will share guidance in the coming days on the most effective ways to get involved in anti-racism education and community support).

Today, this is about PRSA NCC going beyond words and making a definitive commitment to action and accountability.

First, fostering an inclusive environment of diverse professionals has been a top strategic priority for the chapter this year, and we will continue to do more. We will revisit our bylaws, our strategic plan and our policies and procedures to further embed diversity and inclusion into our chapter and lay the groundwork for sustainable change.

Next, to our Black members and colleagues and other underrepresented groups, we will continue to be an ally and encourage others to embark on their own learning journey about what it means to be anti-racist.

Lastly, we will not ask our members to fix what others broke, but we will be active listeners to seek and welcome input and ideas on what more we can be doing.

These are our commitments. Diversity and inclusion are non-negotiables for this chapter. You will see these changes in action in the months ahead, and I invite you to reach out to me personally with questions, concerns or feedback at any time.


Lisa Kiefer
President, PRSA National Capital Chapter