National Capital Chapter

September 2019 President’s Message by Stacy Hope

Dear Colleagues,

During the month of September, PRSA recognizes the importance of the ethical practice of public relations. Who among us has not been asked, at one point or another, to “spin” a negative story or “fudge” the numbers… just a little? In the face of pressure from supervisors or clients, standing our ethical ground can be challenging, yet as communications professionals we can do no less.

PRSA offers many resources to support communicators, spearheaded by the Board of Ethics and Professional Standards (BEPS). During September, BEPS is hosting several programs highlighting the theme, “Ethics Every Day,” to emphasize how practitioners can integrate ethics into their decisions and actions 365 days a year.

At, you can find resources ranging from the BEPS Handbook and the PRSA Code of Ethics to practical case studies, webinars, articles, and blog posts to help you navigate a variety of ethical challenges. At a local level, our PRSA-NCC ethics officer, Brigitte Johnson, APR, advises the PRSA-NCC Board of Directors on strategies and tactics to ensure that fostering ethical behavior is inherent in everything we do as a chapter.

During September, I encourage you to review the many resources PRSA has to offer on negotiating ethical dilemmas with our industry.

Stacy Hope
PRSA-NCC President