National Capital Chapter

There’s No ‘I’ in Team!

By Jade Dixon, PRSA-NCC Marcom Committee
I’m taking in information! I’m processing! I’m doing the math, I’m fixing the boyfriend, and keeping the baby from turning into a flaming monster! How do I do it? By rolling with the punches, baby! I eat thunder and crap lightning, OK? Because I’m Mr. Incredible! Not ‘Mr. So-So’ or ‘Mr. Mediocre Guy’! Mr. Incredible!”
If you have ever seen the “Incredibles 2” you definitely can relate to how Bob Parr, the main character who is both a father and super-hero, was feeling. As communications professionals, we also know the stress of juggling multiple tasks, alone, every day. We experience this at home, too. Each family member has a different personality, different powers, and different approaches to conflict—which sounds just like a public relations team. It’s all about how you work together and get the job done, despite the chaos.

PRSA-NCC 50th Thoth Awards is a time when D.C. professionals and new professionals come together to recognize each other’s accomplishments and network. In addition to recognizing individual professionals, the Awards committee this year added PR Agency of the Year and Communication Team of the Year awards to highlight the collaborative aspect of the work we do. Our teams are our support systems, with whom we brainstorm, seek advice, and produce great work.
The committee also added an App category, as applications have become an intrinsic part of reaching audiences.
To be considered one for a Thoth Award in these or one of the other 39 categories, please visit The deadline to apply has been extended to August 1.